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Asia and Pacific Rim Consultants for industries such as healthcare, pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology, agriculture, cosmetics, food and clinical trials industries such as in Australia, Hong Kong, Korea, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, New Zealand, India, Philippines, etc.

Pacific Rim and Asia Consultants

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Need to find consultants in Asia or the Pacific Rim in industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Biotechnology, Clinical Trials, Food and Beverages, Cosmetics? Or simply want to save time calling multiple consultants ? Save time and money. Simply, use Global Regulatory .com 's convenient on-line form to Submit Asia Consulting Requests in one centralized location at no charge!
>Pacific Rim and Asia Consultants

Global Regulatory .com can assist your company in finding consultants to assist your company on regulatory issues, government relations, exporting, importing, product approvals, compliance with agencies and government in Asia and the Pacific Rim such as:

  • Australia: Department of Health
  • Australia: Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)
  • Food Standards Australia New Zealand
  • Australia: Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
  • Australia: Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Authority
  • Bangladesh: Ministry of Food
  • Bangladesh: Ministry of Agriculture
  • Brunei: Ministry of Health
  • Brunei: Department of Agriculture
  • Brunei: Department of Fisheries
  • People's Republic of China: Ministry of Health
  • People's Republic of China: State Drug Administration
  • People's Republic of China: National Institute for the Control of Pharmaceutical and Biological Products
  • People's Republic of China: Ministry of Agriculture
  • Fiji: Ministry of Health
  • Fiji: Ministry of Agriculture, Sugar and Land Resettlement
  • Hong Kong: Department of Health
  • Hong Kong: Food and Environmental Hygiene Department
  • Hong Kong: Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department
  • India: Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
  • India: Central Drug Standards Control Organisation
  • India: Ministry of Food and Consumer Affairs
  • India: Ministry of Food Processing Industries
  • India: Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority
  • Indonesia: Ministry of Health
  • Indonesia: Ministry of Agriculture
  • Japan: Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
  • Japan: Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Evaluation Center
  • Japan: Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food
  • Korea: Food and Drug Administration
  • Korea: Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
  • Malaysia: Ministry of Health
  • Malaysia: National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau
  • Malaysia: Ministry of Agriculture
  • New Zealand: Ministry of Health
  • New Zealand: Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Authority
  • New Zealand: Ministry of Agriculture
  • New Zealand: Food Safety Authority
  • New Zealand: Ministry of Fisheries
  • Papua New Guinea: Department of Health
  • Papua New Guinea: Department of Agriculture and Livestock
  • Philippines: Department of Health
  • Philippines: National Food Authority
  • Philippines: Department of Agriculture
  • Singapore: Ministry of Health
  • Singapore: Health Sciences Authority
  • Singapore: Ministry of Environment
  • Singapore: Agri-food and Veterinary Authority
  • Sri Lanka: Ministry of Health
  • Taiwan: Department of Health
  • Taiwan: National companies of Foods and Drugs
  • Thailand: Ministry of Public Health
  • Thailand: Food and Drug Administration
  • Thailand: Ministry of Agriculture and Co-operatives
  • Vietnam: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

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NACMA 2013 Annual Workshop and Conference: Meet World Experts on GD&T, Dimensional Measurement Uncertainty, and Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) Accuracy
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Purpose: To contribute to the growth of expertise in coordinate measuring machine technology, improve measurement accuracy and traceability, and to... 

States Are Best Suited to Regulate Amusement Park Rides
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NIST Ytterbium Atomic Clocks Set Record for Stability
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Gloves, Arc Flash, and the New ASTM Test Method
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Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) has many possible applications in the modern world including in construction, healthcare and automotive. Indeed, we would str... 

New Explanation for Key Step in Anthrax Infection Proposed by NIST and USAMRIID
2013-08-20 00:00:00.0
Contact: Chad Boutin 301-975-4261 A new hypothesis concerning a crucial step in the anthrax infection process has been advanced by scientists at t... 

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