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Advertising and Labeling Requests for Proposals

Global has received the following incoming Advertising and Labeling Requests which need to be fulfilled ! These Advertising and Labeling Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational corporations actively seeking companies to perform their Advertising and Labeling services. If your company receives requests that it can not fulfill, please refer them to us! If you have questions, please e-mail us or call 403-770-1994 .

Incoming Advertising and Labeling Requests
Advertising and Labeling request description
14-0005 Germany regulatory consultant needed for cosmetics labeling rewiew ( read more ).....
12-000034 Need a FDA Food and Beverage expert with specific knowledge of FDA water bottle label laws Title 21 Part 101 et seq. ( read more )..... Closed
12-000026 French Company needs Italy Food Regulatory consultant for redaction, claim and nutrition facts table for our products that actually we sell in Italy. We have all nutritional informations needed. ( read more ).....
11-000039 FDA consultant needed for FDA NDA Submission for all phased and for FDA Advertising and Labeling consulting and submission & regulatory filing services. We will also need NDA consulting/services for a ( read more )..... Closed
11-00015 Regulatory Consultant needed to advise on Product labeling for Switzerland and Ecuador. The product is food supplements and protein shakes for body builders. We need to know what are the appropriate c ( read more )..... Closed
10-00154 Large Middle East Consumer Products company interested in launching food with GMO ingredients in Saudi Arabia and Gulf needs GMO regulatory consultant about advertising and labeling of GMP products. W ( read more )..... Closed
10-00148 Regulatory consultant needed for Claim and labeling reviews/suggestions for 15 skin care products including creams and serums. ( read more )..... Closed
10-00141 Regulatory Consultant needed to adive Food manufacture on food labeling. ( read more )..... Closed
10-00128 Australia Company needed that specializes in consumer goods labeling - especially CLEANING DETERGENTS. Must be in Australia. ( read more )..... Closed
10-00108 International Hair color Mfg needs regulatory consultant to ensure packaging is compliant. Hair color will be distributed to our current customer base which is international. We need to make sure the ( read more )..... Closed
10-00044 Genetics Regulatory Consultant needed to advise on GMO LABELING REQUIREMENTS ( read more )..... Closed
09-0155 Sweden Food Manufacturer needs regulatory consultant for Labeling review ( read more )..... Closed
09-0130 Regulatory consultant needed for labeling review for FDA compliance of cosmetics product. ( read more )..... Closed
09-0102 Regulatory Consultant needed to evaluate product ingredients and labeling with recommendations on whether we can sell this formulation in these regions and changes needed for labeling. ( read more )..... Closed
09-0099 Medical Device Manufacturer needs medical device consultant to advice on packaging and labeling of the device. ( read more )..... Closed
09-0084 FDA consultant needed for Consultation on FDA guidelines for brand promotion during the prelaunch market conditioning period-2 years prelaunch of product ( read more )..... Closed
09-0064 Cosmetics Mfg needs Canada Regulatory Consultant to advice on compliance for Canada distribution including review of all product labels for compliancy in Canada as our belief is that they are not to s ( read more )..... Closed
09-0063 Ireland Pharmaceutical Company needs Language Translator for Translations for SPC, PIL and labeling ( read more )..... Closed
09-0053 Regulatory Consultant needed for compliance regulatory review of all store brand labels. ( read more )..... Closed
09-0044 Pharmaceutical Regulatory Consultant needed to review OTC drug labels and make sure they are compliant with the FDA's OTC drug labeling requirements. ( read more )..... Closed
09-0041 Manufacturer of Temporary Tattoos needs Regulatory Consultant for assistance with ingredient listing on label copy. If my suppliers sent you ingredients, CAS numbers and percentages, I need help listi ( read more )..... Closed
09-0038 Skin care products manufacturer starting to export some of our products to the US needs consultant to help with FDA compliance of the ingredients, color additives and the labeling of our first product ( read more )..... Closed
09-0036 Cosmetics manufacturer needs Regulatory Consultant to to advise on FDA compliance for labeling, ingredients & color additives compliance with the FDA ( read more )..... Closed
09-0012 Japan Food Manufacturer requires legal review of food labeling for compliance to FDA label requirements for salad dressings exporting to the U.S. from Japan. ( read more )..... Closed
08-0018 Good Manufacturer needs Food Consultant for label claim review for two new food products ( read more )..... Closed
07-0105 Regulatory consultant needed for labeling review on body/bath products for compliance to regulations for Japan Market ( read more )..... Closed
07-0104 Vendor required to perform label comprehension study for OTC drug ( read more )..... Closed
07-0097 Regulatory consultant needed to provide directions on label copies; claims; verbage, etc. May also need info on global acceptability of formulas/ingredients. ( read more )..... Closed
07-0054 Regulatory Consultants needed for regulatory review of promotional materials for cosmetic products. ( read more )..... Closed
07-0015 Consultant needed for compliance review of label for an OTC aloe products and aloe juice drink to ensure that labels are compliant with FDA and Texas Departement of State Health Services. I need to ( read more )..... Closed
07-0013 Pharmaceuticals Consultant needed for the assistance on the development and submission of new labelling for new pharmaceutical products based on existing approved ANDA's. ( read more )..... Closed
06-0168 Small start-up hair care company needs consulting help with labeling. ( read more )..... Closed
06-0148 FDA Labeling consultant needed to review our product labeling and websites for FDA compliance. Advice on constructing space for an in-house packaging and labeling operation that will meet FDA requirem ( read more )..... Closed
06-0124 Fast growing Brazilian cosmetics company needs regulatory consultant for global cosmetic labeling requirements. Support also needed for product registration on markets where required. ( read more )..... Closed
06-0121 UK INCI and UE regulatory consulting needed for labeling requirements and safety analysis of cosmetic products (hand wash, body wash, shave gel) for sale in the UK. ( read more )..... Closed
06-0120 Australia TGA regulatory consultant needed for labeling consulting and classisfication with particular experience in natural topical products with a hompeopathic active/s. ( read more )..... Closed
06-0115 Regulatory consultant needed for on-going review packaging labeling ingredients to ensure ingredient compliance with united states and canada regulations. ( read more )..... Closed
06-0091 Regulatory consultant needed to consult on labeling regulatory requirements on pharmaceuticals used in clinical trials /studies in Egypt ( read more )..... Closed
06-0088 Pharmaceutical Regulatory Consultant needed for labeling reviews for pharmaceuticals products ( read more )..... Closed
06-0074 Cosmetics company needs regulatory consultant for global cosmetic labeling requirements on cosmetic products. ( read more )..... Closed
06-0051 Consultant needed for consulting on nutraceutical labeling claims and whether some ingredients would be considered new under FDA guidelines. We have two products, one that stimulates stem cells and an ( read more )..... Closed
06-0044 Chicago Food company needs a consultant to assist the Scientific & Regulatory Affairs team in reviewing food labels for compliance with US regulations.Experience with confectionary products is desired ( read more )..... Closed
06-0040 Regulatory consultant needed for labeling compliance of Dermatological Insect Repellent Products that specifically repels mosquitos and deer ticks. This product is also an aerosol. This product is set ( read more )..... Closed
06-0024 Pharmaceutical consultant or attorney needed for start-up OTC pharmaceutical manufacturer. Consulting includes registration, trademark, NDC and Bar Code Label applications, & other. ( read more )..... Closed
06-0019 US company requires regulatory consultant knowledgeable of cosmetic labeling laws in India. ( read more )..... Closed
06-0010 "Nutraceuticals firm would like FDA, GMP consulting for nutraceutical labeling" ( read more )..... Closed
05-0046 Regulatory consultant needed for ensuring labeling compliance to US FDA regulations of approx. 10 to 12 cosmetics/food supplement products. It is intended to export these products from the United Ki ( read more )..... Closed
05-0021 ""Consulting firm needed for FDA labeling requirements and compliance for importing skin care products from Italy that are fully compliant with the European regulations."" ( read more )..... Closed

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