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Find Packaging regulatory consultants for all your Packaging consulting, audits and training such as regulatory submissions, regulatory compliance, advisory meetings, validation, regulatory actions, warning letters, import detentions, exporting, importing, seizures, non-approvals, FDA, Good Manufacturing Practices in countries such as the USA, Canada, Mexico, European Union, United Kingdom, Ireland, China, Japan, Australia, etc.

Packaging Requests for Proposals

Global has received the following incoming Packaging Requests which need to be fulfilled ! These Packaging Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational corporations actively seeking companies to perform their Packaging services. If your company receives requests that it can not fulfill, please refer them to us! If you have questions, please e-mail us or call 403-770-1994 .

Incoming Packaging Requests
Packaging request description
Cultivating algae, harvesting, drying and packaging followed by shipping to a GMP/FDA vendor for extraction to final nutraceutical product. We wish to bring our cultivation facility up to FDA complian ( read more ).....
We have a client in Germany that wants to bring several herbal products on the market in Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Taiwan. The company provided a questionnaire and asked us to find ( read more ).....
Dear Sir, Greetings! I am assigned to prepare a report regarding pharmaceutical packaging and i believe, you can help me in one thing. Can you please provide the list of pharmaceutical or healthc ( read more ).....
13-0001 Swiss medical device manufacturer needs consultant to register a combination product in Russia. Registration Scenario: In Europe a disposable, non-reusable, multi-use, pre-filled pen will be re ( read more )..... Closed
11-000077 Cosmetics Packaging Company needs Consultant to advise on International labeling requirement and ingredient review ( read more )..... Closed
11-000068 Australia cosmetic mfg need Regulatory Consultant needed to advice on Personal Care/Cosmetic line. At this stage I am enquiring on cost structure of this type of consultaing and the ability of potent ( read more )..... Closed
11-000040 Regulatory consultant needed to advise on regulatory requirements for labeling, packaging and international shipping of a pre-saturated wipe and swab. ( read more )..... Closed
10-00145 Regulatory Consultant experienced with EU, Japan and Australia regulations for packaging/labeling/Contents/language and Dossier requirements for shipments to EU, Japan, and Australia ( read more )..... Closed
10-00108 International Hair color Mfg needs regulatory consultant to ensure packaging is compliant. Hair color will be distributed to our current customer base which is international. We need to make sure the ( read more )..... Closed
10-00076 Cosmetics Expert needed for Regulatory review of labeling, packaging and font requirements for cosmetic products ( read more )..... Closed
10-00038 Quality Consultant needed for analyzing, recommending and assisting in the preparation of documents and operating procedures, including the Master/Validation Plan(s), for GXP areas such as computer sy ( read more )..... Closed
09-0178 Cosmetics regulatory consultant needed for packaging compliance and labeling claims review for 2 anti-fungal nail care products. Consultant must have experience in irgasan / triclosan products and cla ( read more )..... Closed
09-0127 Consultant required to help import an inhaler from Thailand to the USA that consists of ingredients menthol,eucalyptus and camphor. It is a 2 part product- inhaler for nose and ointment for skin, and ( read more )..... Closed
09-0099 Medical Device Manufacturer needs medical device consultant to advice on packaging and labeling of the device. ( read more )..... Closed
09-0051 Pharmaceutical Regulatory Consultant needed to assist pharmaceutical mfg in complying with FDA requirements for ink on foil packaging for the pharmaceutical industry. ( read more )..... Closed
09-0016 Cosmetics Manufacturer needs ISO cosmetic packaging and ingredient consultant to help tailor packaging and ingredients for broad international distribution. Skin care, face care, hair care, color. Ple ( read more )..... Closed
08-0147 Regulatory consultant needed for consulting on cosmetic packaging, US and International ( read more )..... Closed
08-0116 Food Manufacturer needs Regulatory Consultant to guide, review and approve food packaging for compliance in European market (UK, France and Germany) ( read more )..... Closed
08-0017 Regulatory Consultant needed for repackaging and relabelling located in Reno NV ( read more )..... Closed
08-0007 Regulatory consultants needed by European company HQ'd in Hong Kong, for regulatory compliance of cosmetic tooth whitening company looking to consult on all regulatory compliance, validation, packagin ( read more )..... Closed
07-0108 Regulatory consultant needed for consulting on cosmetic packaging, US and International ( read more )..... Closed
07-0085 Contract Manufacturer of pharmaceutical packaging needs FDA regulatory consultant to audit processes for FDA Good Manufacturing Practices GMP. ( read more )..... Closed
07-0044 Large Biotechnology company requires Quality Assurance Training Classes for it's Manufacturing QA group which handles the packaging, bulk, and filling operations during it's annual shut-down in June. ( read more )..... Closed
06-0154 Agency in western part of India who can authorise and train us to acclaim DMF and MHRA certification for supply of packaging material co-extruded 3 layer poly film for packing of IV Solutions required ( read more )..... Closed
06-0148 FDA Labeling consultant needed to review our product labeling and websites for FDA compliance. Advice on constructing space for an in-house packaging and labeling operation that will meet FDA requirem ( read more )..... Closed
06-0115 Regulatory consultant needed for on-going review packaging labeling ingredients to ensure ingredient compliance with united states and canada regulations. ( read more )..... Closed
06-0016 Pharmaceutical Consultant needed for Pharmaceuticals Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) training for Pharmaceutical labeling and packaging company. ( read more )..... Closed
05-0025 Regulatory consultants needed for regulatory compliance of cosmetic tooth whitening company looking to handle all regulatory compliance, licensing, validation, translation, packaging, , etc. We are ( read more )..... Closed
05-0022 Regulatory consultant needed for consulting on exporting US product to various European countries. Looking for consulting on packaging requirements and handling medical and cosmetic filings."" ( read more )..... Closed

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