Africa Consultants

Need to find consultants in Africa in industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Biotechnology, Clinical Trials, Food and Beverages, Cosmetics? Or simply want to save time calling multiple consultants ? Save time and money. Simply, use Global Regulatory .com 's convenient on-line form to Submit Africa Consulting Requests in one centralized location at no charge!
Africa Consultants

Global Regulatory .com can assist your company in finding consultants to assist your company on regulatory issues, government relations, exporting, importing, product approvals, compliance with agencies and government in Africa such as:

  • Benin: Ministry of Health
  • Benin: Ministry of Agriculture
  • Botswana: Ministry of Health
  • Botswana: Ministry of Agriculture
  • Egypt: Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation
  • Ghana: Ministry of Health
  • Ghana: Ministry of Food and Agriculture
  • Kenya: Ministry of Health
  • Kenya: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
  • Maldives: Ministry of Health
  • Maldives: Ministry of Fisheries, Agriculture and Marine Resources
  • Mauritius: Ministry of Health & Quality of Life
  • Mauritius: Ministry of Agriculture, Food Technology & Natural Resources
  • Mauritius: Ministry of Fisheries
  • Morocco: Ministry of Public Health
  • Morocco: Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, Water and Forests
  • Namibia: Ministry of Health and Social Services
  • Namibia: Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Rural Development
  • Namibia: Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources
  • Senegal: Ministry of Health, Hygiene and Prevention
  • Senegal: Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock
  • South Africa: Department of Health
  • South Africa: Department of Agriculture
  • Swaziland: Ministry of Health and Social Welfare
  • Swaziland: Ministry of Agriculture
  • Tanzania: Ministry of Health
  • Tanzania: Ministry of Agriculture & Food Security
  • Tunisia: Ministry of Public Health
  • Tunisia: Office of Pharmacy and Medicines
  • Tunisia: Ministry of Agriculture
  • Uganda: Ministry of Health
  • Zimbabwe: Ministry of Health and Child Welfare
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